Poetry by Jeff Green


Tightly bound

by cricketjeff on October 26, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Binding your arms behind you
Your breasts presented tightly
Tying your legs securely in place
I need you held just rightly
I’ll be using your body the way that I chose
Your job to enjoy it whatever
All of your life you’ll be bound in some way
Since you are my slave forever.

I’ll keep you bound just as I please
Each part of you tightly roped
I wanted to bind you close to my heart
And you loved me just as I hoped
You sound like a tune on a great violin
With the finest master playing
Your body is open for hands that will stray
And you’ll find that my hands are straying

Author notes

Re-written in a more normal form, I think it is rather better.

Sorry Chantell it’s 16 lines. It started out in quite an odd form so I continued, not sure if I like it.