Poetry by Jeff Green


Love notes

by cricketjeff on February 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A message from your lover makes the world a better place
A word to read on waking sets the smile upon your face
You dreamed you were above her in the night sky looking down
The words she sent to wake you wash around you ’til you drown
It almost doesn’t matter what the message seems to say
It’s the fact she thought about you lets your spirit out to play

She may tickle you with laughter or may touch you with her tears
The words that fill your vision are a refuge from your fears
A simple note of greeting or a story you can read
That tells you what she’s thinking or recounts a daring deed
A wish that you would kiss her or a hint of something more
And once again you’re dreaming of the girl that you adore

So take your heart as pencil and her dreams as writing pad
And send her back your feelings and the happiness you’ve had
You can send her love and kisses or some poetry to please
Descriptions of your garden or some lust to tempt and tease
Just hope it doesn’t matter what it is you find to say
If she’s in love just something will be all she needs today