Poetry by Jeff Green


The man in the moon

by cricketjeff on February 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The man in the moon is looking down to see who’s out to play
A silver balloon that seems to know the words I want to say
He’ll travel across the seas tonight and look to see if you
Are standing outside at dead of night and dreaming as you do

The thoughts in my head are full of love and rhymes and poetry
I’m rather confused about my life and who I want to be
But one thing is clear above all else I want my life to change
The man in the moon has told me that life’s hard to rearrange

The man in the moon is speaking still of all the things he sees
Of people and things across the world that set his mind at ease
He tells me when you were stood outside and looking at the sky
And I ask the moon if he can ever teach me how to fly

So I could escape across the sea and find out if its true
That deep in the night the one who stands to gaze up high is you
And then I shall know my words were heard across that ancient sea
The man in the moon has carried the words across to you from me.