Poetry by Jeff Green


A fresh start

by cricketjeff on February 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I would walk to the lake as the night bid goodbye
For the feel of the Sun on my face
There is something of love in that last twilight sky
And there’s beauty and hope in that place
For the hills are divine and the lake is serene
In the light before dawn you are part of the scene

There’s a jetty that juts into water so still
So you doubt that a wave dares to break
And you stand at the end and look up to the hill
As the day and the sun starts to wake
In the land all around there’s a sigh from the green
In the moment of dawn you are part of the scene

On the slope of the fell that you face ‘cross the mere
There are sheep that are starting to graze
And the fish start to bite as the flies drop too near
As they wake to the tune of the days
Soon there’s nothing to say where the night may have been
At the start of the day you are part of the scene

I return from the lake with a smile and a song
As the world starts to rise from its bed
When I’ve welcomed the day there is nothing that’s wrong
And I’ve beauty and peace in my head
When your life’s lived at pace start each day fresh and clean
When you witness the dawn you know all of the scene

Author notes

Ullswater at dawn from