Poetry by Jeff Green


Until tomorrow

by cricketjeff on February 9, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

All the birds are busy roosting, or are nestled in a nest.
Now the sun has left the heavens and has settled down to rest.
While the moon and stars shine brightly on a world that’s closed its eyes
And the winds have dropped to breezes that are soft as baby’s sighs.
Let the sandman bring you magic in a canister of dreams;
Filled with laughing little children building dams in mountain streams.
Or a journey cross the ocean on a brightly coloured boat,
With your fingers in the water watching paper roses float.
With your cheek pressed to the pillow you may feel a lovers kiss
And your mind is filled with smiling as you drift away to bliss
There is nothing like the sweetness as you lose yourself in sleep
If a unicorn lies with you just to help you count the sheep.
So until the golden sunshine brings you breakfast in your bed
Cast off all the cares of living and stay dreaming in your head.