Poetry by Jeff Green


Sleep well my lovelies

by cricketjeff on February 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a dark and chilling feeling in the room before the light
Tries to chase away the demons that have occupied the night
There are eyes that watch your weakness as you creep upstairs to bed
There are ghosts within the shadows who are keen to see you dead

All those sounds that almost wake you are the stirrings of the ghouls
Who would pull you into drowning in the dismallest of pools
Spectral fingers touch your body sending ice blasts through your blood
Killing all the sparks of morning in a dreadful midnight flood

In the dreams they send to haunt you are the monsters of your mind
Who’ve unearthed your inner ogres and delight in who they find
There’s a succubus of sanity who’ll drain your senses dry
And allow an evil aura to invade you through the eye

In the beasts that beat your brains out if you dare to fall asleep
There are echoes of the ancients who were murdered in the deep
All the world is filled with evil there is nothing you can do
For the vampires and the werewolves set their undead sights on you!

Author notes

I’m mad you know,








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