Poetry by Jeff Green


The championship

by cricketjeff on February 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Snaggleduff of Bondnecray
Whom all of you have met before
Is off to spend the day at play
At waggledoor

His friends have brought the oberdares
And he himself the windles
They’re busy painting arfasquares
And finding spindles

The game begins at five to ten
With Snaggle facing Joe
Then Mr Moogle tries again
To have a go

He flobberdops the upper boot
And quite downplays the orgle
But after that he tries to shoot
And score a norgle

The tournament is building fast
A champion must soon be crowned
The Oojit brothers play at last
Their hopes are drowned

They add the scores and Snaggle wins
The Champion of Bondnecray
And so the bonnywift begins
A perfect day

Author notes

I have kept most of my poem to simple common words to highlight my inexcusable making up of the word “bonnywift”, a bonnywift is a joyous celebration of sporting prowess where bortleberry juice and onmin cakes are eaten in large number while loud music is played on bonnyphones and umdoopwifts for everyone to dance to.