Poetry by Jeff Green


After the wine

by cricketjeff on February 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As we left them in the garden, drinking wine the Moon had poured,
They were falling ever deeper into arms they once ignored.
All the topics of discussion passed away in gentle sighs
And the visions of the future formed as gleams in lovestruck eyes.
While the time turned ever later and the passions slowly grew
There were forays into madness that romantic poets knew;
Little hints of aims and pleasures, and temptations where to touch,
In a friendship swiftly changing into love that means so much.
I won’t doubt that by the morning there’ll be sleep and even more
For each friend that sat down talking found a love they can adore.
All the tension that was building as they climbed the steep incline
Turned to love that lasts a lifetime when the Moon poured out the wine.

Author notes

This poem is a sequel to The moon pours white wine and in turn has its own sequel “Another Glass” , I hope you enjoy them.

I expect to keep revising this one for quite a while.