Poetry by Jeff Green


Not our fault

by cricketjeff on February 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a rather broken signal to the North of Stonebridge Park
So the train on which I travel’s at a halt
I am guessing I’ll start working just a little after dark
But the railway will claim they’re not at fault.

So maybe there’s a problem with them running out of snow
For the weather’s rather sunny though it’s cold
But I’m sitting in this carriage while the train just doesn’t go
I’ll be safe at work before I’m VERY old

Or it could be lack of flooding that has caught them on the hop
In February they thought that it would rain
So I’m sitting slowly fuming at a speed of close to stop
And the driver’s saying sorry once again.

Every station takes ten minutes and we have to stop between
Though the journey when it works is rather fast
And the language of my fellows isn’t really that obscene
For we’ve sat like this quite often in the past

There’s another broken signal to the South of Stonebridge Park
So tonight the train to take me home will halt
For our transport systems seems to have been built with Noah’s Ark
But the railway will claim they’re not at fault.