Poetry by Jeff Green


A new beginning

by cricketjeff on February 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I gave my heart to you but live alone,
For me no happiness can be in reach.
You walked away and turned my heart to stone,
Abandoned it behind you on the beach.

I’d love to love again but can’t believe
My heart will ever beat for someone new.
Alone amongst the pebbles let me grieve,
I lost my chance at love when I lost you.

My days were spent in misery and tears –
The tides flowed on and washed away the past.
Until one morning something new appears
Has sunlight reached this stony beach at last?

A tender hand collects my fossil heart,
And next to hers I feel the beating start.

Author notes

You can find the inspiration photograph here on flickr.

This is purely about the photo, not me!