Poetry by Jeff Green


A perfect day in Bondnecray

by cricketjeff on February 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The snow that falls in Bondnecray
Is thick and clean and white
And Snaggle will have fun today
The greatest snowball fight!

The Bloothtown gang have dared to send
A challenge ‘cross the Bay
The fools must think they can pretend
To outfight Bondnecray!

So Snaggle and the Snaggle gang
Have built a shining fort
And Peter Spill and Oswald Crang
Have brought the spades they bought

The snowball gun that Snaggle made
Is ready at the back
Two hundred snowballs are arrayed
To turn away attack

With screams and whoops the Bloothtown crew
Have bloopied cross the ice
And Snaggle fighters one and two
Do not need telling twice

The snowballs burst across the white
(On other days the green)
And Ollie joins in from the right
With Snaggles new machine

The laughs and cries are loud and long
But all are made in fun
As snowball fights can not be wrong
Unless they’re overdone

It’s time for tea and Snaggle’s mates
Are winning by a mile
The bootle boards from Snurtwood crates
Were just the perfect style

The Bloothtown Boys have struck their flag
The fight for them is lost
But Snaggles Mum has brought a bag
Of buns to ease the cost!

And steaming mugs of ChocoStodge
And chestnuts from the fire
So after tea they’ll play at dodge
And build the snow hill higher

A winter day with snow and ice
Cannot be let go soon
But at the end it’s more than nice
To shut away the moon

And cuddle up to sleep in bed
Where toes are never cold
And dream the day inside your head
That’s worth a hill of gold!!!