Poetry by Jeff Green


At night

by cricketjeff on February 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Have you seen the sea by starlight, told the time by moons of Mars?
Found a shadow cast by Venus or sat searching shooting stars?
When the Moon is full or crescent, when Orion strings his bow
There is magic in the night-time, in the sky’s ecstatic glow.
With Polaris as your signpost you can sail the starlit seas
While the shapes of constellations seem to form an ancient tease
From the dimmest to the brightest stars have shaped the way we feel
Now we’ve pictures from the Mars-scape so we know these worlds are real
There are oceans out on Titan, tiny Pluto boasts a moon
And a spot the size of Venus floats in Jupiter’s lagoon
Saturn wants to float on water and it seems that Neptune’s blue
Though it’s always been above us every night the sky is new
I could gaze at stars forever, dream an interstellar ride
But the stars would be more lovely if you lay there by my side.