Poetry by Jeff Green


A fighter

by cricketjeff on February 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a land across an ocean all alone and feeling sad
Is a lady who is lovely and who should be feeling glad
But her life is not a smooth one and she’s not too fit and well
So I’ll send a lot of loving and a hug and kiss as well

In a hospital she’s treated and I hope that she gets fit
For a lovely looking lady needs to have the best of it
She’s a yellow rose of Texas she is known as passion’s queen
She needs all the love and kisses that she know’s there’s ever been

When I dread that she is beaten she will always struggle through
For she’s better in a battle than the best you ever knew
And that maybe why I love her or it maybe other things
But I know that she’s deserving of the best life ever brings

There’s a lady who is fighting for a life that’s worth a smile
And I know that she’s a winner so she’ll win in Tory’s style