Poetry by Jeff Green


The way to spend today

by cricketjeff on February 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sunlight shines on Valentines
As lovers share the fruit of vines
And whisper Shakespeare’s finest lines
On Valentine’s the sunlight shines

Beneath the sun when love’s begun
The lovers plan a day of fun
Now every group of two is one
When love’s begun beneath the sun

For all the day in foolish play
These sweet romantics lead the way
Saint Valentine’s means we must stay
In foolish play for all the day

The Moon now shines on Valentines
Each lover has rehearsed their lines
And lived the day in sweet designs
On Valentines the Moon now shines

Author notes

A swap quatrain in monorhymed quatrains Iambic tetrameter quatrains