Poetry by Jeff Green


No Sale!

by cricketjeff on February 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As we cuddled in the moonlight and we dreamed each other’s dreams,
Did I hear myself proclaiming, that however hard it seems,
I would buy you any present that you thought you could desire?
Now I’m stuck with such a problem that my brain is half on fire.
For you told me as I held you, you had everything on Earth –
There was nothing I could give you that would prove my greater worth,
But you sighed and eyed me slowly as we wrapped in our cocoon,
That the only thing you wanted was to own the silver moon.

So I stood out in the garden, on a clear and star-filled night,
And I waited till the moon had gently faded out of sight.
Then I whispered quite politely, told the sky my foolish tale,
All the stars soon gave an answer that “The Moon is not for Sale”.
“She is there above all lovers and she watches all their trysts,
Spreading moondust on their meetings, hiding secrets with her mists.”
But the moon then interrupted and she whispered something new,
That as long as we’re together, she belonged to me and you.

So we cuddle in the moonbeams bathed in light we clearly own
And on nights that you’re not with me I can never feel alone.
For the moonlight that caresses doesn’t shine for other men,
It is just your way of saying that you’ll soon be here again.
Never mind what people tell you, what the Moon says can’t be wrong,
There is nothing that can change things if you will not play along,
For I’m yours for all the future and my love shall never fail
And as long as you still want me then our Moon is not for sale.

Author notes

Still editing this a bit