Poetry by Jeff Green


Late night ponderings

by cricketjeff on February 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As I’m sitting in a bathroom thinking what I ought to write
I am gazing through a window seeing nothing but the night
There’s no stars or Moon or planets simply dark grey clouds above
And I wonder if I dare to write another ode to love

As I’m sitting here and drying trying hard to start to write
I am struck by all the issues that the world keeps out of sight
And I know that as a poet I should write them from my head
But it’s closing in on midnight and it’s time I thought of bed

As I’m putting on pyjamas knowing I can’t really write
I am pondering the future and if I can make it bright
But tomorrow will be Monday and I’ll have to work all day
And my mind will fill with problems while my dreams are still at play

As I look to see my fingers I can see they tried to write
But I’m much to tired to read it so I’ll guess it’s a delight
When I wake up in the morning I shall have a look to see
If I wrote a lot of rubbish or a little poetry