Poetry by Jeff Green


A dream that cannot end

by cricketjeff on February 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Far from where I’m sitting writing, far in miles and far in time,
Is a dream I find inviting of a life that seems sublime;
Of a time I could be sitting underneath a shady tree
And the reason I am sitting is you’re sitting next to me.

In my dreams the weather’s sunny and for me there’s only you.
All the days stretch out in summers and the skies are always blue.
In my life it is midwinter and I think I’ve lost the chase
But I know that when I’m sleeping I can find a better place.

Now you may not know I’m dreaming, and you may not share my dream,
But for me the thought’s seductive that you’re all the things you seem.
So I’ll never turn the lights out on the hope that things may be,
Just a little bit suggestive of this dream of poetry.

Far from where I’m sitting writing, in your land and in your time,
You may find yourself delighting in a life that is sublime,
But your dreams may tend to wander to a spot beneath a tree
Where you find that I am sitting for I’ve dreamt you dream of me.

Though I can’t foretell the future and I can’t unlive my past,
I can feel the time approaching when I sit with you at last.
We may never meet as lovers but I know that I’ve a friend
Underneath a tree in Summer in a dream that cannot end.