Poetry by Jeff Green


In between

by cricketjeff on February 16, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the last of the glow of the Moon as she sets in the hills
Is the ghost of a dream that I chased across half of my night
It was filled with the sweetness of love and the greatest of thrills
But I woke with a start and my dreams faded out of my sight

If I sleep will my dreams be as sweet as the promise they gave
Can you turn back the clock to the moments you thought you had lost
There are dreams in our lives that are worth every effort to save
And dreams we must lose for we can’t bare the thought of the cost

I am caught in the moment that lies between waking and sleep
And wonder if you were a dream or a promise of hope
Are there ways I can tell if you’re real or a trick of the deep?
If I find you’re a shade have I got the resources to cope?

As I dream I may find that this life has an answer to give
And I’ll wake with the knowledge that there is a reason to live

Author notes

“Anapaestic pentameter in an English Sonnet rhyme scheme” for no good reason at all.