Poetry by Jeff Green


Who and I

by cricketjeff on February 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Who sees you in the morning when the sunlight strokes your hair?
Who kisses you and brings a cup of tea?
Who opens up the curtains just to say the weather’s fair?
I only know the answer isn’t me.

Who offers drinks at midnight when it’s time to go to bed?
Who kisses you before you close your eyes?
Whose is the face that haunts you in the dreams that fill your head>
I wish I were that luckiest of guys.

Who speaks to you of nothing when there’s nothing you can say?
Who tells you all the things you want to know?
Who listens to the burdens that have filled a dreadful day?
I wish that I were there to have a go.

Who holds you close to warm you on a chilly winter night?
Who holds your hand to tell you they are there?
Whose arms are wrapped around you when there isn’t any light?
I wish those were the duties I could share.

Who knows about your future and about your foolish dreams?
Who knows your past but would not ever tell?
Who is the other person who you put in all your schemes?
I wish that I could fill these roles as well.

I know the way I feel for you but do you feel the same?
I know that life is not how it could be.
I know that in the end I’ll find a way to win the game.
Who else but you could play the game with me?