Poetry by Jeff Green


All across the sky

by cricketjeff on February 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the evening with my lover, took a walk beneath the moon
Holding hands beside the river ’til we reached the old pontoon
Then we rowed across the water to the island where we lie
With our arms around each other we are gazing at the sky

Now I know that you are dreaming that we dance around the stars
While a band of fiery comets play celestial guitars
First you pirouette precisely all along the Milky Way
Then you launch across the heavens in a series of jeté

In a waltz we come together as the music loses pace
And I hold your for forever in a lover’s firm embrace
Into orbit round each planet like a satellite of love
We have danced around the dreamscape of the cosmos up above

On this island in the river where we first began to kiss
We have found the dreams we’re sharing have descended into bliss