Poetry by Jeff Green


Lost opportunities

by cricketjeff on February 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We walked beside the river and we talked about the rain
We should have kissed and walked across the sky
We donned our boots and walking gear and strode along the lane
Why must I be so reticent and shy?
The years I knew you as a friend and loved you secretly
I should have told the world the truth and asked on bended knee

We went to watch the football and to concerts on the beach
We should have stayed at home and gone to bed
We teetered on the edge when perfect love was just in reach
I cannot get the waste out of my head
And now you have a lover and I’ve lost my only chance
To live a life of romance with a partner for the dance

We still will walk and talk away as friends will always do
We haven’t lost the things we’ve always had
We should have been a couple but I blew my chance with you
For little things in life we should be glad
But I can not forget that I have lost the perfect life
Why was I such a fool I know you should have been my wife

Author notes

Just a sad story, not mine