Poetry by Jeff Green


A slight disappointment

by cricketjeff on February 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

His dog was not the usual sort
It never did what it was taught
It never chased the cats up trees
Nor sat nor begged nor tried to please
It did not pine for nice long walks
Nor sit attentive to his talks
It never learned to fetch a stick
Or worry when poor James was sick
It left its dog food in the bowl
And never swallowed biscuits whole
It did not bark or whine or snap
No friends called it a “cheerful chap”
He persevered for many years
Through all the heartache and the tears
He begged and pleaded, nothing worked
In every lesson “Rover” shirked
But still it came as quite a shock
When James was told “Hey! Nice pet rock!”

Author notes

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