Poetry by Jeff Green


From the depths

by cricketjeff on October 29, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

From the depths of inky darkness on that half remembered night
She can almost still imagine him, the very face of fright
She hopes that she will never see a more appalling sight
She doesn’t want to be alone again

From deep within the shadows in the corners of her room
She can almost hear the sounds he makes emerging from the gloom
She knows that when she hears them it will spell her certain doom
She never wants to be alone again

From far outside her covers she can feel the deathly chill
That accompanies the passing of the dead or very ill
Although she should be tucked in warm, she knows that it’s there still
She never should be on her own again

From far outside the solid walls that make up her little house
There a sickly sweet aroma no air freshener can douse
That’s more worrying than smelling out the haunt of rat or mouse
She never wants to be in here again

From a place that she is sure that she would never want to be
She can feel a deadly presence that she knows she cannot flea
She isn’t going to look for it – she doesn’t want to see
She’s never going to watch that film again!