Poetry by Jeff Green


Marvin’s morning

by cricketjeff on February 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

For Marvin it’s a normal day, he’s off to catch the train,
With sandwiches inside his case, he’ll face the World again.
First blow his nose, he dare not sneeze, that simply would not do;
A six foot flame on rush hour train creates a “how-de-do”.

He’s rather late and has to fly, and wishes he were slim
But Martha’s cooking is so good it’s torture keeping trim,
And if you’re rather overweight you’ll find it can be tough
To launch yourself into the air without a huff and puff.

The train is full he has to stand so cannot read his book
But someone else has bought the Times and he can sneak a look.
While signals up ahead are red the train just has to stand,
The railways are just one thing that could be better planned.

At Euston he avoids the crowds by taking to his wings
And turns a deaf ear to remarks a flying dragon brings.
Perhaps they think his waistcoat is a little overbright;
The gold shows off his lush blue skin, a most impressive sight.

The bus is next another squeeze, but nobody complains,
If you work up in town these days you have to take the strains.
At last he’s at the office door and ready for the day,
When Martha calls him on the phone to say Pete’s come to stay.

Oh what an awful life it is, when you are fat and blue,
A dragon’s work is never done, I’m glad I’m not one too!

Author notes

Marvin is a friend of mine, just your ordinary run of the mill blue dragon…

Martha is his wife, she changes colour but is often pink, oh and she plays cricket for England
Pete is Marvin’s little brother, he is only a couple of inches tall and together with his elf friend makes Marvin’s life hell

I don’t think you need to know much more …