Poetry by Jeff Green


A dappled lovesong

by cricketjeff on February 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a glimpse of pure perfection I can see you through the trees
In the dappled light of evening as the leaves dance on the breeze
I can hear the songs of skylarks as they serenade the sky
As I see you walk towards me and my heart has learnt to fly

On a seat beneath a willow by a river’s gentle flow
I am cradling the tresses of the sweetest girl I know
All the ducks are busy dabbling before they say goodnight
And a swan swims by serenely in the fading golden light

I have read for you each love song that has ever won a heart
But the words I see upon your lips have torn them all apart
For in truth there are no lovers half as fortunate as me
And there aren’t the words existing that put you in poetry

In the colours of the sunset I fall deep into your eyes
And the songbirds quit their singing just to hear two lover’s sighs

Author notes

Well everyone needs a dream