Poetry by Jeff Green


Wining and dining

by cricketjeff on February 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Relaxing with food and wine
A friend asks you out to dine
You hope that it turns to more
What else is the evening for?
She thinks that she’s like a dance
It’s now that you take a chance
While she’s in you arms you kiss
And nothing has gone amiss
Don’t give her the time to think
It’s time for another drink
The night is well under way
A prospect of love and play
At last it is time to leave
You walk with her on your sleeve
Until you are at her door
She asks if you want one more
By morning she’s not a friend
You no longer need pretend
You knew the moment you met
You’d kiss or live with regret
And now you are feeling sublime
Last night was the perfect time
She turns and looks in your eyes
She giggles and then she sighs
“So glad I asked you to dine
Now kiss me and pass the wine!”

Author notes

For a Greek Anacreontic I don’t think the meter is strict enough but in English the tradition is any regularish meter with seven syllable lines and a subject matter of love and wine so I think this passes muster.