Poetry by Jeff Green


In a beautiful black dress

by cricketjeff on October 29, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Seductive and shiny your slippery sheath
Beautiful black barrier hides what’s underneath
Skin tones of ebony squeezed tightly inside
A dress that reveals and tries nothing to hide
The hair on your head is still blacker I swear
You boots made of leather this same colour share
Your eyes are downcast and their whiteness is hidden
You teeth stay within until smiling is bidden
Perfectly black from your hair to your heals
No hint of a lightening spoils your many appeals
Black stands for promise and passion and pure
I’m hooked by your virus I don’t want the cure
The shadows you move through so perfectly fit
The dark expectation that keeps me well lit
It’s so perfectly clear that I blind man can see
That black means all loving and lovely to me