Poetry by Jeff Green


Sleep writings

by cricketjeff on February 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As the Moonlight was condensing into particles of night
I was bathing in the sprinkles of the stars’ cascading light
In my dream you were untroubled by these antics of the sky
And you laid your head upon me with a soft contented sigh
        Through kaleidoscopic swirlings of the mists that veiled the Moon
        I could see you were collapsing in a sweet ecstatic swoon
        Filled with all the gentle shivers of the way you made me feel
        As my dreams were shaped by soundscapes that were echoes of the real
Fairy feet began their dancing as a rhythm on my skin
And I felt your sleepy breathing like a wave machine within
Was I lost between contentment and the pain of nagging doubt
Would I ever know the answers that my thoughts were teasing out
        Have I lost myself beneath you or are you adrift in me
        And am I the sleep crazed dreamer or a verse of poetry?