Poetry by Jeff Green


The Fool’s Love

by cricketjeff on March 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

For you I’d steal the sky and run away
For you I’d take the blame for life itself
For you I’d work for years without the pay
And yet for you I’m sitting on the shelf

For you I’d fold a perfect hand at cards
For you I’d give my all without a thought
For you I’d smile to see my world in shards
And yet you use my heart for simple sport

Without you I am lost and cannot see
Without you I must live and try to smile
Without you I can see no poetry
But I can be with you a little while

A fool who loves a vision never learns
A lover cannot keep the spoils he earns

Author notes

No before anyone asks it is not about me or anyone!!!

It’s just a poem!!!