Poetry by Jeff Green


Stolen moments

by cricketjeff on March 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As the moonlight slowly trickles in between the apple trees
      We must cuddle ever closer from the chill
There is no way I can measure all the pleasure of the squeeze
      And the shivers aren’t from cold but from the thrill

There’s the sound of children’s laughter from a life so far away
      But for now they aren’t the centre of the scene
We have smuggled just a moment from the troubles of the day
      To remember all the times that might have been

Next you find the flask of brandy that I thought I ought to bring
      As we ran away from ever-seeing eyes
And we swig a little treasure and our hearts begin to sing
      As the passion of the spirit’s a surprise

On your lips I taste the girlfriend that I knew when we were young
      And such nights as this were lined up in a row
Now we lose ourselves in loving as we find that spring has sprung
      And the rules are still the same as long ago

Just a moment made of magic in a life that’s really sweet
And we sneak back past the sentries to where scenes like these complete