Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s only a game

by cricketjeff on March 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It may escape your notice but it’s just a stupid game
      And there are other levels after this
And though they seem quite different they are really all the same
      So does it really matter if you miss
In time you find the answers to the puzzles that you’ve met
There isn’t any limit so you can’t collect the set

You started off for pleasure but too soon you found the drug
      And now you play because you have to play
When problems seem to block you don’t meet them with a shrug
      You worry that you’ll never find the way
But all of it is easy if you let yourself have fun
Step back and read the scoreboard and you’ll see that you have won

Each day is just another but it’s not an endless mill
      There’s pleasure to be had as you pass by
When you find it’s an adventure you can feast upon the thrill
      And then you find each day is worth the try
You know that life’s a game but it’s the game that we are in
And while its all there is to do you better play to win!