Poetry by Jeff Green


South Pacific Dream

by cricketjeff on March 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I fell in love beneath the silver moon,
As she lay on that Polynesian beach.
She swam to me across the flat lagoon,
Yet never seemed to come within my reach.

Her eyes were like two visions of the night
And I could live within them evermore.
The deepest black yet shimmering  with light,
They tempted me to open up the door.

But soon the moon was veiled by sable clouds,
That flowed across the velvet of the sky.
Without my vision I lie draped in shrouds
Since love is just a dream I aim to die.

Her raven hair has filled my every thought
Since Morpheus first used me for his sport

Author notes

A Shakespearean sonnet on the theme of a dream lover