Poetry by Jeff Green


Marie Marshall

by cricketjeff on March 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She’s the only Scottish rhymer who could quote a Latin primer
As she penned a Sapphic ode about a beach
She can write about a crime, a heroine, or an old timer
With vocabulary not quite out of reach

If she writes about a bleater or a man with a repeater
You will surely get a story worth the read
If in contests you should beat her then her language won’t get sweeter
And she’ll find obscure amendments she can plead

But as Sister I still love her there are none who sit above her
In the lists of poets writing on AP
Every time she calls me bruvver I am forced to rediscover
There are reasons I defer to such as she

And she’s never too annoying and her love songs are not cloying
While she likes to tell it straight in her critiques
So I grin when she starts toying with her tones of “little boying”
But I always pay attention when she speaks

Author notes

For no particular reason except encouraging people to go and read her here . Oh “she” is Mairi bheag of course.