Poetry by Jeff Green


The Animal Psychologist

by cricketjeff on March 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The cat was possessed of most terrible angst
When waking to find that her tail had been manxed
She’ll miss all those times that she curled up to purr
And tickled her nose with her tail’s lovely fur

The dog was in therapy spooked by his kennel
Which someone had made from a huge stack of fennel
He’s laughed at by all of the dogs of the ‘burbs
For living and sleeping surrounded by herbs

Another with problems a rather old rabbit
Whose treatment is aimed at a cure for his habit
He jumps on the dog as it’s happily feeding
His mind it is clear is intent on crossbreeding

The hamster reclines on a Freudian’s couch
Recounting the terrors that lead him to grouch
It seems that some morning’s he just cannot feel
At one with himself as he runs in his wheel

A horse so depressed that his face has turned purple
He can’t stand the thought of his lovely new curpel
The cow so self conscious she’s all of a shudder
And pleading she needs some implants in her udder

A spider so drugged up that her webs turn out crazy
The fly sold her extracts of Michaelmas daisy
And when this trick-cyclist’s work day is through
For his relaxation he’ll start work on you!!!