Poetry by Jeff Green


The promises

by cricketjeff on March 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On half remembered days of Summer sun
When tiny skirts put lovely legs on show
There’s more than just a hint of extra fun
But we won’t pry in things we needn’t know

There seems to be a promise in the air
Before the warmth of spring is on the way
But life has started stirring everywhere
And pairs of tiny birds are out for play

Yet still my heart is grey and overcast
The future isn’t close enough to me
For now I’ll sit and wallow in the past
Until those lovely legs are here to see

But life can’t be as bleak as sometimes seems
One-day I’ll meet the lady of my dreams

Author notes

I don’t like the couplet, which was

And what of you the lady of my dreams
Will you appear to satisfy my schemes?