Poetry by Jeff Green


I cannot lose

by cricketjeff on March 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I cannot lose the feeling of your fingers on my own
Or your head against my shoulder and my cheek
Each evening as we’re chatting, far apart but on the phone
I want to kiss your lips but have to speak

It won’t be long my dearest until Friday comes again
And once again our hands will intertwine
But every day without you is a quite inhuman strain
I want to feel your body next to mine

I wonder if you feel me in your dreams each night in bed
For in my dreams I know that you are there
I feel that you are with me ‘though you’re just inside my head
Why can’t there be more time for us to share

One day we’ll be together and we won’t be be forced to part
And dreams will be just part of how we live
Until that time you’re with me in the beating of my heart
It’s pumping all the love that you can give