Poetry by Jeff Green


Do something funny for money!!!

by cricketjeff on March 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Author notes

It will be “Red Nose Day” in the UK tomorrow, Friday the 13th of March. When Comic Relief take over the BBC for the day to raise millions and millions of pounds to help the poor of the third world and various UK causes.

I try to do my bit so for every 10 clappies on this poem I’ll give a quid (a British Pound) to Comic Relief.

I have now donated an additional £25 to cover all your generous clapping, Sue Cardwell and Canau Chan Ceridwen have also matched this so your clapping has raised £75 which is well over 100 US Dollars, thank-you all.

Now go out and do something funny for money!!! Or maybe click on my poem or here and see if you can do something to help!

Cannonsfire has made a charity donation (she sent a goat to Africa!!!) in exchange for me taking the background tone down to less than radioactive scarlet!

Backgrounds by Maralisa and then various other generous people some of whom paid for the privilege!!!