Poetry by Jeff Green


Not with a bang

by cricketjeff on March 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The world ends in a wimper so they say
Without a grand announcement of the show
I think we’re safe, it should not be today
But more than that I guess we do not know

The sun will grow and raise the temperature
Until at last the oceans seethe and boil
But packing now would be quite premature
And food you stored to use would likely spoil

I wonder what will happen to mankind
Will we abandon home or simply die
It’s just an exercise to work the mind
Decisions won’t be left to you and I

Before the end there’s so much more to see
And time to write a lot of poetry!

Author notes

I suspect the couplet will change later …

I’m curious. Tell me how you think the world will end.

If you happen to know the date please tell me so I will know when to pack.