Poetry by Jeff Green


Near to nevermind

by cricketjeff on March 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the backwoods of just maybe, which are near to nevermind,
Is a land where I’ll be happy with the girl I long to find.
At the end of every highway, past the road of no return,
Is the house where all my dreams stay with the hopes I’ve yet to earn.
Far from troubles that assail me, in the depths of every night,
Are the visions that avail me, like the moonbeams spreading light.

We are sitting reading verses while the stars dance through the sky
And the moon is making magic from some clouds that happen by.
There are eyes out in the forest as the creatures come to see
Such a dreamer and his lover reading gentle poetry.

In this still unborn Nirvana, where your lips are pressed to mine,
Is a home of simple living and a cellar full of wine.
In my fantasy of feeling we are snuggled by the fire,
With the chance to bask contented in the peace all men desire.
In this land where I am happy and where you’re the girl I find,
In the backwoods of just maybe, which are near to nevermind.