Poetry by Jeff Green


Bah Humbug!!!

by cricketjeff on March 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

What’s left for you when love has flown away
Is emptiness a nat’ral state of mind
When you can’t see the change from night to day
How can you leave the tragedy behind?

She promised you eternity and more
And now she’s left and stolen all your light
A promise made to honour and adore
Is turned into a rather curt “good night”

Yet like a fool you’ll start the game again
You’ll bite the bait and find that you are hooked
Unmindful of the certainty of pain
For love ensures the future’s overlooked

We mortals play to entertain our gods
And all of them are really rotten sods!

Author notes


It does not relate to anything at all, it is just a poem!!!