Poetry by Jeff Green


The last voyage

by cricketjeff on March 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Softly sensual strands of singing floating gently o’er the storm;
Fill my mind with dreams of winging home to where the sun is warm.
See my love with arms of flowers, dancing to me cross the fields.
While the winds destroy our rigging and the planking slowly yields.

      On this rock I play my music, searching for one perfect love,
      Far from where my heart is soaring, with the seagulls high above.
      When will come my gallant sailor, strong enough to bear me home,
      Are there men with such endurance they can brave this deadly foam?

Cast adrift from creaking timbers, dashed into the heartless seas.
What chance is there of rescue? Still that music spreads its ease.
Clinging to some passing flotsam, driven mad by salt and spray,
Find myself beneath such beauty, singing magic from her bay.

      With the storm at last abating lay aside my silver lyre,
      In the water weak and gasping, such a face to fuel desire.
      As he stretches out to reach me take his hand and hold him tight.
      Can he be a gift from Neptune sent to save me from my plight?

All the men her songs have ruined, all were lost save me alone.
Years of pain and hurt were flowing from the seas where they were thrown.
Now I touch this fatal beauty, can I save her from her fate?
Can I  do my gallant duty take her home where fam’lies wait?

  In a boat we built from wreckage, setting sail for distant lands,
  What will be the final story? Hope that Neptune understands.
  If you read this last accounting, tell the world what you have read;
  We may be on land in safety or, beneath the waves, lie dead.

Author notes

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“The Siren” by John William Waterhouse

Oil on Canvas