Poetry by Jeff Green


Fanny’s fancy man!

by cricketjeff on March 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

So far from Forfar where her dreams
Were fixed on Freddy Fox
Sweet Fanny Fraser schemed her schemes
And frizzed her fancy locks

She’s fought for Freddy for so long
And now she’s far away
She’s fanning feelings fierce and strong
For Freddy every day

His face still fills fair Fanny’s mind
For she’s infatuated
But she has left her friend behind
And now she feels unsated

She flies a Fokker for Finnair
And Freddy farms his fields
So Fanny feels fate’s far from fair
Yet to her fix she yields

The First of Feb will soon arrive
And Fanny will fly home
And find her Freddy still alive
And she no more will roam

When Fred and Fanny tie the knot
They’ll find their future’s fine
For Frank and Fran and one more tot
Will firmly fix their line

The farm will fill with Fox’s kin
From fields so far and wide
And Fred and Fanny can begin
Their family inside!!!

Author notes

“Give me rhyme with alliteration using the letter F”