Poetry by Jeff Green


A Vampire strikes

by cricketjeff on March 16, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her eyes are closed, he’ll think she is asleep.
An angel face is haloed by her hair,
Her breathing slow, deliberate and deep,
He’s sure she doesn’t know that he is there.

Her neck is white, a curve that calls his name.
Two shoulders that are carved from snow white stone.
Her breasts exposed, a sleeper has no shame,
And now he has her here and they’re alone.

He can’t resist the lure of naked skin;
Such innocence is unprepared for lust.
Unreadied for eternal life of sin,
A victim of an undeserving trust.

In range, she strikes! Her fangs have pierced the vein,
The Vampire Queen has slaked her thirst again.