Poetry by Jeff Green


A fascinating evening

by cricketjeff on October 31, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Listening to your every word
          You ought to bore for pay
Everything you’ve said I’ve heard
          I wish you’d go away

I love to sit and chat with you
          While needling my eyes
I love to hear of all you do
          Or eating my own thighs

That’s such a witty tale you tell
          It’s wittier than death
And don’t you tell it “oh so well”
          How long can I hold my breath!

I wish I could stay here with you
          I wish I’d boiled my head
But there must be things you have to do
          Like talking to the dead

You really think that that is so?
          That proves you are a fool
Then tomorrow I shall have a go
          At drowning in a pool

Ah look it’s time to sit and eat
          Parting is no loss
So glad we had this chance to meet
          I wish you weren’t her boss!!!

Author notes

To illustrate “sotto voce”