Poetry by Jeff Green


Night music

by cricketjeff on March 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a gentle introduction to the music of the night
There are stars conducting orchestras of softly twinkling light
There are scatterings of moonbeams that are falling on the Earth
Spreading pools of precious happiness and mirth

Constellations are the players of the instruments of love
And the planets are the dancers in the ballroom up above
When a comet strikes the cymbals and aurorae fill the sky
Every lover and his lady start to fly

When a meteorite makes groundfall in cacophonies of sound
It’s the music of the heavens that brings calmness back around
And the love their work engenders still comes floating down to me
There is only one sweet girl I want to see

Will you join me on the dance floor and come waltzing through the air
Past the lights the nights are made for through the tunes they want to share
Will you see the gentle music that the stars compose each night
Will you dance with me through softly twinkling light