Poetry by Jeff Green


Sitting in the garden

by cricketjeff on March 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m sitting in the garden with a robin on my shoe
He’s puffing up and spoiling for a fight
But in between displaying he has other things to do
Like checking that my biscuit crumbs taste right

I’m sitting in the garden and I’ve got a cup of tea
A book of verse and sunshine all around
The birds all just ignore me but on something we agree
These biscuits are the best I could have found

I’m sitting in the garden and I wonder how you are
Across the sea with sunshine of your own
But when I’m sitting writing I am sure it’s not so far
I couldn’t write these verses on my own

I’m sitting in the garden and I’m drifting off to sleep
I wonder if our dreams will coincide
A little boat is sailing to an island in the deep
And you and I are cuddled safe inside

I’m sitting in the garden that’s surrounded by the sea
The birds are more exotic in my dream
But I can’t see them clearly as you’re cuddled up by me
Now all we need is strawberries and cream …

Author notes

It must be Spring!!!