Poetry by Jeff Green


The State of the World Today

by cricketjeff on March 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a chap they call Obama, makes the US rather calmer,
And he’s gonna show the world what he can do.
If you’re a banker or a farmer, you may hope his helpful karma,
Brings a rather swift improvement just for you.

In this global credit crunching he is down on business lunching
And your bonuses are gonna feel the squeeze.
So keep working while you’re munching or his team will do some punching,
While he hopes he can retrieve us from our knees.

Over here we’re Gordon Browning, he lives in the street called Downing,
He’s a Scot whose canniness has gone awry.
He is famous for his frowning while his cabinet is clowning
And he says he’ll save the World as it flies by.

There are European powers, who are nattering for hours,
And who hope we’ll fall asleep before they speak.
They’ll escape they iv’ry towers and spread lots of pretty flowers
And expect we’ll all be better by next week.

But still we’ve global warming and dictators busy swarming
Round the honeypot we know as Western aid
But as long as they’re performing and their troops are ripe for storming
We’ll ignore the way their many friends are paid

No-one knows what they are doing or quite what they are pursuing
But politicos can never say “Dunno”
Still I’m sure that “just a few”ing and some swift judicious shoeing
Will get International trading on the go

So good luck to young Obama who has made the US calmer
And good luck to all the rest who have to try
Every banker help a farmer to restore his sense of karma
And with that I’ll simply bow and say “Goodbye”