Poetry by Jeff Green


Crimson skies

by cricketjeff on March 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Under a blood red moon

The kingdom cowers as she patrols the night
The Queen of death has stained her life with blood
She walks the towers and mortals run in fright
She steals all breath beneath her crimson flood

Disease and pain are all the friends she knows
Ten thousand souls extinguished by her hand
The dreadful stain is spread where e’er she goes
Such morbid goals no man can understand

The sky above is painted by her deeds
Such slight revenge on one who turned away
He spurned her love denied her heartfelt needs
Who will avenge the victims she makes pay?

A single knight arrives to end her reign
Without a fight he slices her in twain

Author notes

Picture credit to http://bottomofastairwell.deviantart.com/

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