Poetry by Jeff Green


Her new life

by cricketjeff on March 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The moon shall rise and she shall fall
Tonight she stalks across the town
A dreadful lesson to us all
Of how the lofty are cast down

She thought it safe to walk abroad
Across the moor that moonlit night
Without a pistol or a sword
And how she rues that oversight

A loathsome creature rank and fell
Surprised her on her lonely path
Its septic claws ensure that Hell
Would be her final aftermath

Her bite scarred skin now slick with fur
Her eyes are evil yellowed slits
The curse the werewolf gave to her
Is one this harpy closely fits

Each month her lusts are fed in blood
While victims die the curse can’t spread
But soon she knows she’ll face a flood
An army of the living dead

On full moon nights stay safe inside
Do not unbolt your doors ’til dawn
If you should hear a scream just hide
Another werewolf has been born!