Poetry by Jeff Green


The price she paid

by cricketjeff on March 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In her soft receding footsteps I can hear the hint of dread
In the breeze across her shadow I can taste the living dead
I had thought that I would love her through the whole eternity
Now a man who died in torment has unwed the best of me

In a flicker of his passing she was tempted from her path
Now she has unending aeons to regret the aftermath
For one single act of folly she must pay her mortal soul
And I know that I will die without the chance of being whole

There are forces under nature that can never be denied
They’re unleashed in dreadful measure when their masters are decried
Once they hold you in their tendrils you are doomed for evermore
For the undead are the soldiers who enforce the dreadful score

On the night she danced his music she was left one final choice
Would she give herself to evil or reject his honeyed voice
For a glimpse she thought of heaven she would gladly pay his price
Now she knows he was a liar but is locked within his vice

In the sunlight we have found her still unsullied in her grave
But it’s far too late to help her and she’s no soul left to save
With the last of her resistance she has torn my grief apart
I must drive the stake she gave me through my love’s unbeating heart